marți, 4 februarie 2014


Şi iată-ne ajunşi la aceeaşi dilemă. Fără prea multe înţelesuri pentru cititor, continui să be vigilent with the future and the steps that I do. 'Because for love sometimes you don't ask, it just comes and then you're finished... no more steps back, no more time for you, no more attention to work, no more nothing! Absolutelly nothing. And maybe is that kind of love you never expected to happen, you never thought about and you're never going to exposure with in public. It's just the flame, the unforbiden flame that comes from both sides and you don't know how to stop it, but you try to. And it's totally unsuccesfully for the beginning. You look at him and you know you shouldn't... he looks at you and he knows he shouldn't. All you're talking has more sense now and sends you directly to the unbelievable path of love. But it shouldn't and how can this be stopped? I guess time will say its verdict. And it will be too sad to vanish all the wishes that you once had just because the man you love in an unforbidden way is the one that guides you every day.

Why can't we share all the love we have? Why do we think about sins? Why do we think about God and about the others? Why don't we think about us more than anything else? What is love, actually? Is it all about adoration and respect (for that human quality and professionalism)?

When you know you love it's all that matters and things can become subjective. Let's see what time can bring to our lives.

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